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Local Ontario Quinoa

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Katan Kitchens Logo‘Healthier today than yesterday’

It’s our mantra, it’s our goal, and it’s what inspires us to develop the healthiest foods possible for you and your family.

Jamie DravesKatan Kitchens was born out of a necessity, a need to create pure food which would enhance one’s health and well being, free of the ‘additives’ so many of us don’t want in our bodies, and yet full of the nutrition we all require.

Katan Kitchens is an innovative, health food enterprise that seeks to produce local, high quality SuperFoods in Ontario for the ‘Food for Health’ market.  Founded in 2011, Katan has emerged as a leader in the research and development of quinoa in Ontario over the past four years. Katan was formed by Jamie Draves after a health crisis in 2007 that resulted in the loss of a third of his pancreas. From this, Jamie was forced to follow a very limited diet consisting of high-quality, nutritious foods. Many SuperFoods, in particular quinoa, were a key factor in regaining his health. Realizing the use of high quality foods for improved health drove Jamie’s passion and pursuit to form Quinta Quinoa, and its sister research company, Katan Kitchens, and demonstrate the value of SuperFoods for a healthy diet. We now aim to produce and prepare the highest quality Ontario-grown quinoa in the marketplace.

Please contact us at service@quinta.co with any questions!

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