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Jamie Draves – Founder & CEO

Jamie has always been an entrepreneur and innovator at heart. His passion for research and development began with his education at Trent University, where he obtained a dual degree in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, and was awarded several scholarships including 2 Summer NSERC grants.


After graduating, Jamie pursued work in the pharmaceutical industry, with a 10-year career at a global leader, Hoffmann La Roche Pharmaceuticals.  In his first two years at Roche, Jamie consecutively achieved the much-coveted Sales Rep of the Year and the President’s Awards; later winning other awards such as manager of the year (2), etc. Next, Jamie was recruited by Bayer Pharmaceuticals as the Sales and Trade Director of their Diabetes Division, leading a team of 85 employees to a market leading market share growth despite two competitor new product launches

In 2007, Jamie was diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis, during which traditional medicine failed to find a cause, treatment or cure. Through the creation of allergy/intolerance free meals, Jamie was able to return to balanced health, and maintained function of 2/3 of his pancreas. Superfoods, and quinoa in particular, were the main staples that aided in his recovery. Over the past five years, Jamie’s company, Katan Kitchens, along with immense industry and academic support, has conducted the research necessary to commercialize high quality quinoa in Ontario. This has involved developing the entire value chain for quinoa production in Ontario, including agronomy, breeding, intellectual property protection, processing, marketing, and sales. This past February, Jamie launched the first Ontario grown quinoa to the Canadian market. His quinoa, branded Quinta Quinoa, is the highest nutritional quality quinoa available worldwide, and the only quinoa to make six nutrient content claims including high in protein, fiber and zinc, excellent source of iron and magnesium, and source of calcium.

Amy Fehr – Project Manager (Katan Kitchens)

Amy holds a Masters degree in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph, with a focus on functional foods and nutraceuticals, and is passionate about commercializing new crops in Ontario and diversifying the food for health market with these crops.


Amy has been with Katan Kitchens since 2013, and acts as a link between the company and its various partnerships in research, industry, retail, etc. Amy is responsible for continuous management of current government-funded projects, as well as seeking and obtaining future funding as required. Amy also focuses her efforts on product development, including sensory testing, product packaging, verifying nutrient content claims, and coordinating with certified industry consultants to ensure adherence to packaging regulations. Most recently, Amy has supported the company in sales and marketing endeavors, as well as promotion through tradeshows and events.

Danielle Gordon – Communications Coordinator (Katan Kitchens)

Danielle is a graduate from the University of Guelph, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with emphasis on the brain and cognitive processes. She later attended Mohawk College and acquired a postgraduate certificate in Public Relations.


Danielle is passionate about combining her educational experiences to give the organization a cohesive voice that speaks to consumers, producers and partners and enhances Katan and Quinta’s public perception. Danielle has been responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), along with keeping the company’s websites up to date. In addition, Danielle coordinates all company press releases and promotional campaigns, and is constantly researching methods to increase the public’s awareness of Quinta Quinoa and ensure efficient processes are implemented within the company.