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Local Ontario Quinoa

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We are continually seeking producers across Ontario (and the rest of Canada) to increase our quinoa production each year. We highly value our partnerships with producers, and look forward to the opportunity to develop long term relationships with them. If you have an interest in adding quinoa to your crop rotation, please contact us for more information! Once we receive your request, we will send you our preliminary survey in order to evaluate your land and equipment capabilities and assess the fit with our program.

Partnership Details

  • We are continually expanding both organic and conventional quinoa production and welcome producers with either practices
  • Acreage requirements are 5-100 acres per field/location.
  • Basic Equipment requirements include:
    • Seed drill/air seeder/broadcast seeder for planting
    • Combine with small screens (Swather and combine combination is preferred)
  • Soil
    • Class 1- 3 soils
    • Well drained or tile drained land
    • Higher organic matter
    • Moderate levels of potassium and phosphorous
    • Good fertility
  • We work through a seed agreement in which all seed and plant material is owned by Katan and must be returned to us at the end of the season.

Please contact us using the options below for access to the questionnaire

E-mail: service@katan.ca
Local Calls: 519-856-2296
Toll Free Calls: 1-844-870-2491
Fax: 1-888-802-5251

Mail: Attention Katan Kitchens
501 Harris Street, Rockwood, ON, N0B 2K0


We have realized the large opportunity to produce and process high quality crops in Ontario. There are several reasons why production and processing of high quality crops is not only feasible, but also economically viable in Ontario:

  1. Agronomic best practices have demonstrated that quinoa is a good economical alternative for Ontario producers.
  2. The high nutrient soils in Ontario have been shown to increase both the nutritional profile and yields in crops such as quinoa.
  3. There is an increased demand across North America for high quality crops and functional foods. The current supply of these high quality crops does not meet the demand in North America.


The opportunities to both produce and process Superfood crops in Ontario present several key benefits to the province:

  1. Creation of a local market for high-quality, gluten free crops
  2. Reinforce the movement to more sustainable agriculture practices and provide assurances of local, Ontario best practices for consistent high quality and purity.
  3. The opportunity to introduce production of high quality, new crops to Ontario agriculture that boast profit margins on par or better than currently produced crops.
  4. The introduction of these new crops to the region will increase agricultural diversity.
  5. Increased revenues generated in the region, including increased crop production and employment opportunities (both directly related to the processing facility, and indirectly at farms, etc.)
  6. Creation of local food products and ingredients that will support the development of local restaurants and food processing companies.